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Professional advices
You repaint your roof for various reasons. The paint has faded with the years, rust spots have appeared or the roof has already been repainted and the paint has not resisted. The restoration steps are important to respect and must be done according to the rules of art.
Several factors are involved in the deterioration of the paint on your roof. The main ones are the strong UV rays of the sun that heat the paint and make it fade or take off. Pollution, corrosion and temperature differences caused by summer heat and winter cold.
In summer, the painting expands and in winter, it contracts. The applied product needs to follow the movements. Conventional oil paints are not designed to resist the UV rays of the sun. The material is not flexible enough and will eventually delaminate and flake off.
You must turn to a paint product or coating that offers all the necessary properties. Research has shown that a sheet metal roofing must have an elasticity of at least 140% in order not to crack. In addition, the coating must have UV protection and anti-corrosion components.
Cleaning, decontamination and stripping of old paint are essential. This step guarantees the continuation of the works. This must be done by high-pressure water jet or by using a surface preparation product eliminating any polluting material, fungicide and old paint that comes off.
Then comes the step of checking the tightness, ensuring that the sheets, screws and bolts are in place. It is possible that these are to be replaced. Some fillings will have to be corrected or sealed with a self-adhesive flexible membrane (seam tape).
Finally, the application of the paint coating should be by roller, brush or ideally spray. Generally, paint professionals use the sprayer, since the applied paint thickness is more accurate and the end result is more uniform.
Now you are able to make informed choices for the restoration of your roof. The same goes for the selection of the contractor who will do your work!
By respecting the rules of the art, the success of your project is assured!
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