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The advantages of our roof painting services
Roof revitalization services with remarkable benefits.
An economic vision
Our solutions deliver significant short-term savings and a proactive strategy for required investments over the medium-to-long term as they are tailored to each client's needs;
Savings of up to 80% of refurbishment costs
10-year waterproof guarantee, covering the majority of exclusions from standard warranties;
Works that can be executed in different phases.
An environmental vision
Our solutions are respectful of the environment and fit perfectly into a sustainable development approach.
Work generating little waste;
Restricted use of new materials
Valorization of healthy materials already in place;
Non-toxic products, water-based and free of volatile organic compounds (VOCs).
A practical vision
Our solutions consist in the application, by spraying, of a waterproof membrane perfectly resistant to UV rays.
Fire resistance ;
Resistance to chemical contaminants;
Resistance to stagnant water;
Resistance to uprisings by the wind;
Extra weight very negligible for the structure.
A professional vision
Several practical advantages distinguish our solutions from conventional solutions.
No impact on your current operations since the roof remains in place and the products used are solvent-free, VOC-free and odor-free;
Little or no obstruction (waste devices, protection of the elements in place);
Work done very quickly, by a small team of professionals for a minimum impact on your day-to-day activities.
Contact us and find out how you could simply enjoy these benefits.
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